Why Many Men Are Reluctant To Tie The Knot

It has been three years since you’ve been together. Wait, isn’t a guy supposed to propose after two to three years of dating? It is now three years and there’s no ring on your finger? All your friends are getting married. But why are you not getting a ring?

If I just described YOU, do not fret. There are many reasons why you don’t have a ring on your finger yet. And not all of them are bad.

1. He Still Has Personal Goals to Reach Before Settling Down

Most of the time…this is the major reason why your man has not proposed to you. He might still want to finish school, start a business, buy a house, etc. Your man might have dreams that he feel will be hindered if he gets married. This is all normal for a guy to feel that he needs to be where he needs to be. He needs to feel secure with his life before he wants to take that further commitment. What can you do about it? Let your man know that being married won’t hinder his dreams and goals. Let him know that you support what he wants to do with his life.

2. He’s Unsure If He Wants to Marry YOU

This is a tough one, but if your man is still unsure about his feelings for you after three years…then it’s time to figure out how you really feel about him. Are you just his backup plan? Is he always looking for something better out there? Make sure to look after number one — yourself. No one should just accept being the backup plan, however if you’re okay with that, then just wait and see.

3. He Doesn’t Believe In Marriage

There are times when some guys have experienced bad breakups or have witnessed someone close to them getting divorced. In this case, your man might not believe in marriage and feel that it’s a waste of money. It’s just a piece of paper isn’t it? It can be hard to sway his opinion on marriage if he’s had a bad experience in the past. He might have been divorced himself which makes this one even harder to overcome. You might have to settle for the fact that he will never get married. Are you okay with that?

4. He Has a Fear of Marriage

Again, your man might have had a bad experience with marriage or has heard of his buddies’ horror stories after marriage. If he really does have a fear of marriage there might not be much you can do. I mean, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell are still together I think. Maybe it really CAN work. If you are really stuck on marriage, then let him know why it is important to you and let him know that things do not have to change and that you understand his fears. You might wan to get your guy to read this Harvard Health article that outlines the many health benefits men experience as a result of being married.

5. He Is Just Not Ready

Maybe your man is just not ready to get married. There doesn’t have to be a definitive reason other than the fact that he isn’t prepared for it. It does not mean he loves you any less or doesn’t want to be married to you one day, it just means that he’s not ready yet or hasn’t saved up enough for a ring. Whatever it is, it’s just not going to happen yet. I hate to say this, but sometimes you just have to wait. Or better yet, propose to him yourself. This National Review article sums up why marriage is good for the man.

Well there you have it! Have you figured out why your man hasn’t proposed? Sometimes you really just have to be patient and give him some time. They may have a fear of changing. There is a saying: if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. Whatever his reason is for not proposing yet, it’s not the end of the world.

If you still enjoy each other’s company and he shows you in all other ways that you are the one he wants to marry one day, then let things flow. Don’t stress about it. And if you want, take matters into your own hands and propose yourself.

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